Diablo 3 Season 17 New Offers – LoN Builds & Gem Upgrades

With the introduction of Diablo 3 Season 17 Legacy of Nightmares baseline set bonus (while this is the only item Set Bonus the character has, their damage dealt is increased by 750% and damage taken is reduced by 4% for every Ancient Item they have equipped) all classes will support new builds. It means players will incorporate 2 different rings in addition to the already available bonuses from the LoN set bonus. Paired with Unity, Convention of Elements & other various class specific rings Season 17 should feature it’s own new meta builds that are yet to be tested. We updated both the carry & selfplay/grift sections with new offers that include new builds exclusive to this upcoming season.

On Account Section – Grift 100 & 110 Ready Changes

As mentioned above, we decided to include separate options on both gr 100 and 110 ready offers for the LoN builds. Although the gr 100 wont feature a full ancient build, having 8+ ancient legendary items should be more than enough to clear it without much stress (subject to change pending release). The grift 110 however will support fully ancient legendary LoN build ( the new build only works if you have no other set items resulting in 9750% damage increase & 52% dmg reduction if sitting on 13/13 ancient legendaries). In addition, you will be able to link any build you have in mind or list each item specifically in the order notes.

gr 100-110 ready lon builds

Carry Section – Legendary Gem Upgrades & LoN Builds

Much like the On Account section, the carry services now includes fully ancient LoN build, you can find this option on the first product on the page where we had the normal full builds in the past. Keep in mind that this is a timely order and can take a couple of play sessions to get full ancient gear. Make sure you can dedicated around 15-20 hours across few days in order to get the build you want.

Legendary Gem Upgrade runs will be similar to the normal G-Rift runs we were offering in the past, although the runs will start at G-Rift 100 and above with another important change – it wont be 4 man run. We will run with a single character and although all loot will be dropped much like in any other carry order, you wont get 4x the loot.

lon carry & gr 110 runs

Misc Section – New Season Jurney & New Offers

The new season journey will reward the Season 17 exclusive Galactic wings. Full & partial completion supported for people that already have progress. Mastery wings also available for purchase, puzzle ring runs & more, visit below for everything else.

new misc orders

That’s it for this Season 17 update. Register before ordering to access the “Panel Section” and make sure that you do your research and check some youtube videos before ordering your LoN build. It can take quite some time to get each ancient item and is quite the investment. For everything else visit the Diablo 3 Boosting Section where all services are posted or contact us for anything new you’d like to see, we try to cover 24/7 support !

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