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Necromancer returns June 27th

Necromancer arrives !

Well, blizzard just dropped a bomb. Instead waiting till Jully 20th it seems we are getting an early Christmas this year ! The wait is over, and Necromancer is here in a week ! The class will introduce a new dimension to the game. It will feature new exclusive sets for the class, while at the same time bringing back that sweet nostalgia feeling, cursing your enemies, exploding corpses and raising dead from the ground !   Necromancer class will be available for purchase from the blizzard store  @14.99$. The pack adds legendary gear sets that let you spec towards the Necromancer’s specialties. The Bones of Rathma boost your minnions. The Grace of Inarius set works wonders with Bone armour. Grab all six components and Bone Armour “activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies”. You’ll notice a heavy bone theme here, which is continued in the items’ visual design.   For more details and info about the release head over the official blizzard forums.

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