Monster Hunter World Power Leveling


Hello dear Hunters ! Today we are bringing you a complete guide on how to power level fast in Monster Hunter World ! As many of you know, the game is a complete knockout and loads of fun ! Slaying giant Monsters and Ancient Dragons is something we were all waiting for a very long time 😀

Fastest way to level – Investigations and Bounties !

Bounties are activities that you will complete throughout the game that are assigned to you by a NPC. After completing a bounty such as killing various monsters, gathering honey or clearing a certain area, return back to camp to get your rewards. Armor sphere rewards are important upgrades to your gear and there really is no better way to attain them. While at it, make sure you also check the weekly reset bounty rewards in the “Limited” section, they offer much better rewards although can take a bit longer to complete.

Investigations are also important part of leveling ( aside from doing the main campaign ofc), and offer additional rewards if done in certain time frame ( can vary from 15-50 minutes or more depending on the investigation and the rewards). Always aim to finish as much investigations as possible, especially the ones with extra rewards and additional conditions. You will progress much faster after you add them to  the quest board. If you find yourself in a tight spot, or unable to finish certain task  do not refarm the story missions, they offer very little progress compared to timed investigations. Don’t forget, there is no shame in activating the SoS flare :D. Group up in a party of 4, it is easier and you will have a ton of fun !

Single Player vs Multiplayer

single player vs multiplayer

To flare or not to flare :D. Calling in the team is easy, just tap start and scroll down a few positions to fire up the flare ! In this section we will discuss the perks, and disadvantages of playing solo vs hunting with other people.

Personal Preference

Yes, this should be the most important factor when deciding to go solo yolo or team up! If you don’t like playing with other people that’s fine. Depending on your weapon choice some areas and monsters might be more difficult to manage solo rather in a party. Dont worry though, the storyline quests can be finished in single player mode without any serious setbacks.

The Monsters Health pool also scales with the increased number of players in the party so there are actually advantages to single player in some situations, read below for details.

single player leveling

Weapon Choice

Melee classes tend to have a more difficult time handling high hp Ancient Dragons. It is difficult to get close, deal damage and survive if you lack good gear ( which on start you will ). So if you find yourself in a tight spot, spark the flare and wait on reinforcements :D. There really is no reason to bash your head against the wall on difficult monsters. You will face fire dragons and lack dragon + fire resist on start, so instead revisiting old areas and grinding to upgrade your armor, a few teammates can be of great help and save you precious time !


Monsters Health

It scales up with the number of people in the party. As of this writing, February 11th, the monsters have same hp weather it is 2 man or 4 man party ! Another advantage in multiplayer is the different type of roles that can be assigned in the party. Tanky melee classes can engage and taunt big monsters, while the ranged damage oriented classes can focus on dishing out damage without giving much though about positioning and avoiding attacks.

Weapons – MHW Class Selection

Weapon choice in MHW is basically what class choice is in any other mmorpg. It’s the first decision you are going to make when opening the game. For this Monster Hunter Power Leveling section we decided to introduce three main weapons.

Sword & Board

Sword and a Shield is the original starting weapon choice in the monster hunter series. An extremely versatile build, it is a balanced choice of offensive and defensive capabilities with combos that are easy to remember and execute. Able to stun monsters with the shield while cutting off their tails for the necessary crafting parts, it’s a weapon choice that enables you to use items while drawing( An attack made while unsheathing your weapon. This attack occurs when your weapon is still sheathed and you first pull it out to attack the monster). It is also one of the most forgiving weapons in the game making it excellent choice for beginners. While most of the weapons in MHW are extremely punishing if you attack with abandon, the Sword & Board will allow you to roll out of most combos or block with an emergency.

One disadvantage of using Shield and Sword is the short range.This however can be compensated by executing a jumping slash to reach those hovering beasts trying to run out of range.

Dual Blades

Although not as forgiving and easy to use as our first choice, Dual Blades offer extra mobility and are tailored for more experienced players. Use your infinite combos fluently through each engagement, dodge and chase monsters taking advantage of the extra mobility. Using dual blades is all about Gauge management. Pressing r2 puts you in demon mode which increases attack and mobility while draining stamina. Once you fill up your red bar landing attacks in Demon Mode, you benefit the attack boosting Arch Demon Mode draining your red bar instead your stamina. Your main attack, the Unstoppable Blade Dance, is your main combo that you will use against monsters, it is important to know your opponent movement and behavior, once you initiate this move you cannot move until the combo is finished.

Losing the blocking ability and extra survivability is the main disadvantage of this build, but the extra speed and damage buffs are definitely loads of fun to play !

Bow Guns

This is our ranged weapon of choice. If feeling more like playing a third person shooter rather than a sword slaying demon this is the weapon for you. Able to equip the same armor as melee classes, you wont be losing much on survivability either.

Light Bowgun vs Heavy Bowgun:

Although the Heavy Bowgun deals more damage, the Light Bowgun offers more status attacks and allows players to execute the hit & run tactics much easier. Using the Bowguns is a bit easier than the Dual Blades, simply point shoot dodge and reload! You will also need to manage your ammo, craft or purchase each ammo type specifically to your preference. In order to deal maximum damage to the enemy you need to be at optimal distance and engagement angle against the monster. It differs greatly depending on the ammo type .  In conclusion, the Bow Guns are extremely easy to use and learn, although they can take a while to master.

Heavy Bowgun Gameplay

Light Bowgun Gameplay

Armor – Survivability and bonus to skills !

This is probably the most important part of your crafting activities. Start crafting armor parts as soon as possible. After slaying monsters salvage what you can from their organs and use it to upgrade your gear. On start you only want to focus on defense as elemental resistance is not that important on start. The set bonuses for elemental and dragon resist come later, perks and bonus damage to certain abilities during hunting are also unlocked later in the game.

armor crafting

If stuck on a particularly difficult boss and are unable to get that next armor set, just upgrade your current armor pieces and try again with improved gear. Don’t forget to pop the SoS flare as well, multiplayer is tons of fun. Although it is not a good idea to spend too much resources on upgrading the early armor pieces, it can be necessary at times in order to progress further into the game. Use your judgement and balance efficiency vs resources.