MHW Elder Dragons Hunt Service

Elder Dragons farming such as Behemoth, Nergigante, Xeno’jiiva, Vaal Hazak and similar is the end game hunt in Monster Hunter World ! If stuck on a specific monster, or simply don’t have the time to farm it, this is where we step in ! Pay per kill, or order full armor + weapons farm, name it we do it !

Extreme Behemoth Service

A new Final Fantasy themed beast is joining the Monster Hunter World rooster ! Timed event starting August 1st that features one of the most epic monsters from the FF universe is now available for hunt ingame ! Order now and get the exclusive new rewards, Extreme Behemoth carry supported.

full set behemoth

Behemoth is unlocked after finishing”A Visitor of Another World” quest. If you dont have it completed select Quest + Behemoth option.


Lunastra Full Set Hunt

A Fireblight Elder Dragon introduced June 1st in Monster Hunter World. Order your full set and reap the rewards. Order takes about a day to finish, leave details in order notes ( Beta or Alpha versions).

lunastra farm kill
Lunastra Full Set

Kulve Taroth Set Armor

Released April 19th, Kulve Taroth is the newest addition in Monster Hunter World! A fifth generation Elder dragon, his weaknesses are Thunder (normal mode) and Ice (molten form). Currently found in the Caverns of El Dorado, its coating and armor are rumored to be coated based on the environment he is in. Order now and get the exclusive Set Armor, in addition to cosmetics armor & bushi tickets.

kulve taroth kill
Kulve Taroth Set Armor

Deviljho Full Armor & Weapon Set

Deviljho is the first DLC monster introduced to the game.  Usually found in Tundra, Deserted Island, and Volcano, this monster is a Brute Wyvern with weakness to Thunder. The hunt starts March 22nd, order your full set below !

deviljho farming service
Deviljho Weapon + Armor Set

Custom Set Farm – Pick any Monsters !

Pick full set for any monster not listed below, or order each item seperately. Although most players want full xeno or nerg sets, some prefer each item to be from seperate monster. This package supports custom builds, either pick different monster for different parts, or full build of any monster not listed below. Include details about each item slot in the extra notes field !

custom elder dragons farm final
Custom Weapon + Armor Set ( leave notes for each slot)

Xeno’jiiva Weapon & Armor Set Farm Service

Xeno’jiiva is currently the best Elder Dragon to farm for monster parts. Average timeframe per kill is 15-30 minutes depending on gear. Contact us after purchase to make sure we can start. We might need you on first login, if possible disable 2 step verification so we can start without any problems.

xeno'jiiva elder dragon farm hunt kill
Xeno'jiiva Weapon + Armor Set
nergigante armor set kill farm 1-min

Nergigante Weapon & Armor Set Farm


Much like Xeno’jiiva, Nergigante is an Elder Dragon and one of the toughest monsters to kill in the game. Average time frame per kill is 15-30 minutes depending on your current gear. Vitality Mantle or the Rock Steady Mantle are really good vs this dragon, weapons that make use of thunder are also favorable for this hunt.


Nergigante Weapon + Armor

Kirin Weapon & Armor 


Kirin is a Thunderblight elder dragon that is usually found in the Coral Highlands. Resistance to Thunder are recommended for this monster hunt &  weapons with fire element are extremely effective against him.


Kirin Weapon + Armor
kirin elder dragon kill farm
Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak Full Set

A grotesque Elder Dragon, that inhabits the deepest part of the Rotten Vale. It uses the fatal vapor of the vale in what appears to be a symbiotic relationship. Weak against fire and dragon type damage.

Vaal Hazak Set

Teostra Full Set

A brutal elder dragon wreathed in flames that spits blazing fire. Teostra are of such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild closely monitors their movements. Mich like Vaal Hazak Teostra is also weak against fire and dragon damage.

Teostra Set
Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora Set

An elder dragon that shields itself with fierce winds, preventing anyone from approaching it. Its skin consists of hard, metallic scales. Susceptible to poison and Blastblight, Kushala weaknesses are Thunder and Dragon damage types.


Kushala Set


Tzitzi-Ya-Ku elder dragon hunt kill

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Weapon & Armor


Another Coral Highlands monster with weaknesses to ice and thunder. An extremely hostile wyvern with a special blinding light attack. Weak against posion and stun effects, takes about 15-30 minutes per kill or less.


Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Set

Rathian Weapon & Armor Set Farm


A fire elemntal wyvern, 15-30 minutes per kill or less. Order full Rathian set and let us do all the work. Order your high end armor set, time for completion within 24h or less.


Rathian Weapon + Armor
rathian dragon farm
rathalos dragon farm

Rathalos Weapon & Armor Set Farm


Usually found in Ancient Forest, Rathalos is the male mate to Rathian. Order full Rathalos set farm here, completion is 1-2 days depending on gear and team composition on our end.


Rathalos Weapon + Armor

Guild Cross Set

Unlike the sets posted above, the Guild Cross Set is exclusively obtained from the Arena. Order alpha or beta sets and leave specifics in notes which one you want us to get.

Guild Cross Set
Guild Cross Set

Custom Elder Dragon Farm – Any Dragon !

mhw custom elder dragons kill 1

Didn’t find the monster you were looking for ? Order any other monster and pay per kill ! Average time per run is 15-45 minutes no matter the monster type. All platforms supported, xbox & ps4 for now, PC on release ! To check all our MHW offers, visit this section.



Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. On this page we are offering elder dragons hunt farm kill, also full xeno’jiiva, nergigante, kirin, rathalos, rathian armor & weapon set.

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