Division 2 April 5th Update – New Offers

The April 5th update is the first major content introduction in this game. A part of the three step series update releasing soon with the new raid Operation: Dark Hours and a new specialiaztions scheduled down the road. We decided to sum up all the new offers available in The Division 2 section in a single post, scroll below on everything new that is to come.

Gear Sets

First and most important content update is the new Gear Sets available for order in the gearboost section.  In addition to the yellow, brand and exotic items, gear set runs are now available. Order on account service and specify which exact set you want (we will farm till we get it), or order carry loot runs and we will keep going till we drop the items specified.

new gearsets

Tidal Basin – New Stronghold now Available

Tidal Basin is the new much anticipated end game stronghold that will also unlock World Tier 5 difficulty. Now available in the stronghold carry section, both selfplay and on account modes supported across all platform. Mind the gearscore requirements before ordering.

New Apparel Event – Invasion: Battle for D.C.

Event exclusive rewards are introduced in The Division 2 for the first time since launch. New masks and event caches rewards available from April 5th through March 2nd. Head over to the Masks/Cosmetics section and check out the new offers !

New Gearscore Ceeling

A new softcap of gearscore 500 is now available for order on the custom calculator in the gearscore/loot runs section. Simply use the slider to drag from/to and get price based on your current progression. All the loot we find during the process is kept on your account.

new gearscore

That’s it for this April 5th update, stay sharp till 25th this month for the new raid – Operation: Dark Hours. Section will be open for preorders week or two prior release.

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