Diablo 3 Boost Misc Orders.

Diablo 3 Misc Orders Boost – Everything else here !

Paragon Boost.

Pick any build you want, or switch between classes, you get to keep every good item that drops ! Say you ordered 1100-1300 boost but got near perfect gear at plvl 1250. Simply switch the class and benefit the last 50 paragon lvls to get a different build and try something new( we might ask additional payment if new class is poorly geared though).

5 $ 
Timeframe : 0 days

Discounts apply on larger orders, timeframe depends on class and build, we usually try to cover at least 2 shifts each day but it can be more with season starts.

After order make sure to provide us with username and password in the checkout notes, stay awhile for code while we login !

Bounties and Crafting Materials

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Service requires account share. We try to cover around ~8h 300+  bounty mats each depending on your character gear. Legendary,  Yellow, Blue and White crafting materials come free with this order.

Any upgrade gear that we find during this service is kept on your account, not only you will get upgrades on the build that you use, you can also specify a different set/build that we should look out for !

Diablo 3 Bounties crafting mats
Diablo 3 Hellfire Amulet

Hellfire Amulet Hunt !

Helfire Amulets


We do it all, from Keywardens hunt, to slaying Ubers ! All that’s left for you is to craft the amulets and pick the one you want. Depending on your character state ( paragon level, speed build of choice and class) we can get up to 120-150 helfire amulets/day. Usually ordering 1-2 days of helfire amulet hunt is more than enough to get multiple quadfecta 90%+ rolled amulets.

Elemental dmg, crit chance crit damage and socket is what we are after. 

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  • Mishka
    September 23, 2018 at 10:08 am Reply
    How do you stop Blizzard from detecting this and not have the customer's account banned?
    • D3Hell Team
      September 25, 2018 at 2:50 am Reply
      we do this for like 4 years m8, think we know a thing or two :P
  • xRazorx
    March 10, 2018 at 10:24 am Reply
    Job was made as mention (Bounty Mats). Thank you for the job. Cheapest provider which I has found! But: Before ordering this, clarify the time frame for the job, otherwise is it possible that it will take longer (time between order and a finished job). So under the stroke: Very good job for a very good price

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