Diablo 3 Necromancer – G-rift 102 Push & Trag’Oul Wings

Necromancer pushing G-Rift 102 !

Baskenater is doing it right now ! Greater rift 102 push with a Blood lance build ! Check out his channel for various build guide and gameplay when it comes to Solo G-Rift pushing. You can also find alternative builds such as the Rhatma skeleton build  for pushing in party and heavy cc builds that focus around controlling the battlefield !

Sorry no sound till 7:50, #justtwitchstuff…

Diablo 3 Trag’Oul Wings Guide – How to get them !


Today we are presenting you Leviathan111, Diablo 3 streamer that is currently testing out new stuff on the Necromancer, released June 27th. Bellow you can find his complete guide on how to get the new Trag’Oul wings that arrived with the Necromancer patch.

Completing achivements such as “The silence when you speak to me” where you simply interact with an npc and “Serve the balance” hitting lvl 70 with the Necromancer are pretty easy and straight forward to do. Others however require a complete set and specific skills to be used. “Terror in the blood – Defeat Diablo while using an ability bellow 10% life” requires using the blood set and blood abilites as a way to do it, and “Skeleton Crew – Kill 500 champion, elite  rare or unique ” is Rhatma set dependant and almost impossible to achieve without, as the actual skeletons are the ones that need to deliver the finishing blow.




Necromancer Inarius Speed Farming

Is speed farming actually worth it ? – Yes it is, that is if you are after bounty mats, keywardens hunt or stocking up G-rift keys. Speed farming is also a really great way to go about in a party with friends. Most of the builds are actually loads of fun to play, 2 shooting elites and sprinting with 100%+ movement speed on barbs and monks is hell of a way to stomp Torment 13 runs. Today we are presenting you the updated Inarius speed farm build, check it out bellow and let us know what you think!


Diablo 3 Boost shop !

Weather looking for a speed build, or high G-Rift solo spec, we got you covered. Check out our G-Rift packages page with complete details on each order. Lacking paragon levels & crafting materials ? We offer day by day grind and features such as changing between characters mid boost and specifying playing hours so you can hop on and play in between boosts. If not keen on sharing account though you can always play with us in party and get all the loot that drops ! 


Make sure to visit icy-veins.com for their updated builds on the Necromancer from few days back. You can find complete detailed guides, describing each build, the strength, weaknesses and ways around them. Are you planning on rolling Necromancer with next season, or want to try a different build on an old class ?  Season 11 starts July 20th, so make sure you are ready for it, new builds and revised sets are coming along with the Necromancer !



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