Diablo 3 ROS – New Boss: Vidian, Lord of Envy !

The Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn


These are two of the new zones being added in Patch 2.6. Like Greyhollow Island, these two new zones will include their own sets of events and bounties for Adventure Mode, as well as their own storyline. The events following in these areas will push the storyline of Diablo 3 even further, so get ready for some post RoS events and new characters !


Blood Rituals 

As we continue across the Moors, we learn more details about this grisly cult. Their leader seems to have witnessed the fall of Belial, Azmodan, and even Diablo from afar, and was left distraught at how the Lords of Hell could be so easily defeated by a mortal. After witnessing the rise of the Angel of Death — and his subsequent defeat at the hands of the same Nephalem who laid the Prime Evil to rest — this mysterious leader saw the untapped potential that was dormant within all humans and understood that the time of reawakening of the Nephalem race was at hand. This figure amassed a cult with the intent to unlock the secrets of the Nephalem, and he is determined to empower himself and his minions through blood rituals designed to bring out their greater potential.


New Boss: Vidian – The Lord of Envry

One of Azmodan’s lieutenants, Vidian rarely engages in direct combat. Instead he stays in the back and turns his enemies against each other. Vidian acknowledges in his own writings that he’s weaker than most of his brethen and is no where near the power level of the Greater Evils. Although not as powerful as his Prime Evil brothers, his consumption of Nephalem blood has given him new strength, making him powerful enough to challenge the nephalem himself. Alas, Vidian overestimated his newfound power, and he was still no match for the hero that defeated both Diablo and Malthael. The Lord of Envy was defeated and banished back to the Burning Hells.


The Eternal Conflict Continues…

Malthael showed that the he could achieve far greater power by using the Black Soulstone to consume human souls, rather than the essence of the Lords of Hell. Vidian’s blood rituals proved to be lacking when faced with the true power of a Nephalem, but what if his techniques were perfected? While the Prime Evil may be dealt with, there are still a great many threats that face the denizens of Sanctuary, and it is up to the Nephalem to protect us while the world recovers…


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