Diablo 3 Power Leveling Season 12

New Power Leveling Packages & Custom Boost !


With Diablo 3 season 12 release we are introducing two new power leveling packages. The Greater Rift 90 Ready ( on account ) and the G-Rift 70 ready which is selfplayed service. Bellow is details on everything we have to offer in the new season !


Greater Rift 70 Ready Boost – Selfplay service, no account sharing!

diablo 3 selfplay boost service 1


With the recent 2.6.1 patch hitting the live servers all the builds that were underperforming got a flatout damage and/or survivability buff. In season 12 it is easier than ever to gear up and unlock primals. Although the best packages we have are on account, we acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable sharing their account. This is why we dedicated an entire selfplay section that allows you to tag along with us in a 4 man group and get +3x same class drop from us !


Greater Rift 90+ Ready – Pushing the limits 😀

grift 90 boost package

Again, it is Blizzard that actually made this possible. With season 12 we are introducing the new greater rift 90 ready package. Order comes with Grift 90 finished on your leaderbaord, but do understand that gr 90 is never easy regardless of your gear. Even perfectly geared character with 100% rolls in each slot will struggle if lacking on skills and knowledge. Don’t except a stroll in the park, gr 90 takes serious skill to finish. Order includes paragon level 1200+ depending on how good/bad of a gear we get by then. Time for completion is around 10 days if ordered on season start, can be less if already have full build and good starting paragon level.


That’s it for this Diablo 3 power leveling season 12 new packages, for all we have to offer visit our Diablo 3 section, on account packages, selfplay service and custom orders are now open !


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