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Destiny 2 | Raids Carry and Recov services ! PC  / Ps4  / Xbox 

Garden of Salvation – Raid Carry Services !

Shadowkeep exclusive Raid – Garden of Salvation carries and recov.
Required 920+ of powerlevel and must have the Shadowkeep DLC

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Garden of salvation carries

Crown of Sorrow Raid carry !

Season of Opulence Crown Of Sorrow exclusive event featuring a 6 man team with powerful rewards.
Required 750+ of powerlevel and must have the raid unlocked !

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Crown Of Sorrow

Scourge of the Past raid completion !

The Black armory raid Scourge of the Past carry & recov. Zones, Chest, Challenges, Flawless raid completion as well, all platforms supported for more info please reach us out on the live chat.
Required 650+ of powerlevel, the Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass !

Last Wish Raid completion – Forsaken Exclusive

Last Wish Forsaken exclusive new Raid ! With Petra’s Run Triumph services.
Required p-level of 550+ (normal); 650+ (Petra’s) and Forsaken DLC !

Spire of Stars – Prestige & Normal raid lair completion !

Bungie’s 2nd expansion in Destiny 2 indtroduces the 3rd raid Spire of Stars. New raid mechanics and areas to explore, in addition to new exclusive raid loot. Both normal and prestige modes supported, timeframe for this raid is about 1-2h from starting the order.
Required p-level of 350+ (normal); 400+ (prestige) and weekly loadout equipped !

Eater of Worlds Raid Lair (Prestige Supported) !

Released with Curse of Osiris, the first Destiny 2 dlc is the first raid lair Eater of Worlds. Exclusive new raid rewards and new cosmetics to unlock, full raid clear in less than 60 minutes. Both normal and prestige modes supported, order now and select details on popup. Timeframe – 1 Hour.
Required p-level of 290+ (normal); 350+ (prestige) and weekly loadout equipped !

Leviathan Raid – Prestige Mode Supported

You are ordering full Leviathan Raid Boost. From slaughtering war beasts in the Pleasure Gardens and clearing the Castellum to defeating Emperor Calus. Every zone cleared, raid rewards and more ! Order streamed service to see our boosters in action and check every step of the way on how it is properly done ! Timeframe is 1 hour or less.
As well as Emperor Calus kill ONLY !

Short F.A.Q.

Simple, we just login and finish the raid for you! Specify playing hours, and tell us what we should focus on during custom orders. We usually keep all the good/new weapons that drop on your account, but if you have some specific on some not so common piece of gear to watch out for leave that in order notes at checkout.

Most game companies don’t like people sharing their accounts and getting carried/boosted by other people. They also don’t realize that not everyone has the time to grind this game for hours every day. This is our job, we do this for a living, so while you are at work, or busy with whatever obligations you got we finish the job for you. Hop in directly in game with end game gear and enjoy the game the way you want to, this doesn’t need to be your 2nd job 😀

Probably not! Nothing is 100% certain when using boosting, but from our experience in Destiny 2 since release, we are yet to receive a single ban complaint . Stay off the account while we work to make things as safe as possible.  Just follow our instructions and don’t over do it, most of our work is done the same day of order (excluding glory boosting).

Good questions ! First of all, you can change the login info prior ordering and put your account on some dummy email that you don’t use for anything else. In addition, check the comment section below and see what others have to say about our service. Boosting in 10 other games, we didn’t made it this far by failing to deliver on what was promised. Google D3Hell and check our reputation on other forums, we are doing this for a while 😀

We work with people worldwide, most of us are Europeans, but we also work with players from Americas, Australia, Asia and so on.

As we work 24/7 worldwide, most orders are started within 15 minutes, although in rare occasions it can be several hours if every team is asleep or busy. Talk to us prior order for details on availability.

As with all other games, Destiny 2 services are refundable if service was not placed in queue or  started at all. Although small delays of a few hours up to 24 shouldn’t be reason for concern we might decide to offer extra service in the end as compensation.

As with all games, PayPal is our standard payment gateway. For bigger orders we offer alternative payments such as Western Union and Bitcoins. Talk to us on live chat if that is the case !


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