Destiny 2 Boost coming to D3Hell

Destiny 2 Boost Now Open !


With its pc release October 23rd we are introducing you our new services coming to D3Hell – Destiny 2 Boost – Custom orders, power leveling raid boost, pvp and more !

How can you trust us ?

Yes, the biggest concern when ordering boost is trust. In the past we thought simply googling us will be enough to ensure our feedback and legitimacy. We work on various gaming forums, selling on ebay for over three+ years, but we decided to step it up with Destiny 2.


Streamed Boost Service coming with Destiny 2

For a small fee (10$) now you can opt for streamed boost service and watch live progress! Be it for trust issues, or simply looking to learn more about the game, each order now comes with a stream option. Simply hit the twitch checkbox next to the order you want and enjoy watching your account gets boosted. We also recognize that some people don’t want to share their account info at all regardless if they can watch progress or not. That is why we also decided to add carry option on most of the orders. Coming very soon you will also have the option to play with us in party directly, it will come with an additional fee though and certain gear/skill requirements. Although power level boost and similar orders such as nightfall strikes don’t require extremely high skill cap, 7-0 Trials of the Nine, and Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid do. So make sure you got what it takes to tag along 😀

destiny 2 boost new offers

What do we offer ?

Everything there is ! From Raid Boost, to Power Level increase, PvP Boost and more ! Name it we do it – if you think we missed any of the important stuff in the game contact us ! Use the website live chat and msg us for custom orders. We offer packages and prices tailored to your account specific state. Depending on current gear and level progress you can always opt for discount and custom price.

Catch us In Game !

That’s it for this announcement, for all we have to offer check out our Destiny 2 section and meet us in game ! PC release hits October 23rd, stock up on energy drinks and get ready to gear up !

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  • kmik
    October 25, 2018 at 6:06 am Reply
    These guys are professional and fantastic!
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