COVID-19 Relief Measures: New Payment Methods & Discount Codes

Following the COVID-19 global situation we decided to introduce 10% off on all our products, in addition to 300+ new payment methods (use “FUCORONA” discount code viable through May 20th – simply select PayOp on checkout, and enjoy direct credit card processing without any additional registration hustle) !

new payment method

Tips on using PayOp and possible direct Credit Card checkout issues:

The only issue we encountered so far, which held true for paypal as well in the past is that some banks on rare occasions can prevent the transaction from processing (you either paid from different location than you usually do, or the bank deemed the transactions suspicious and assumes it is not you doing the purchase). In this case all you need to do is call the bank and manually approve the transaction ensuring them that it is you making the payment, they will release the funds after you get in touch with them. In case you have any other problems with our new checkout system just speak up on live chat and we will resolve it, but so far this is the only known issue some customers needed help with. new payment methods

The old Paypal checkout system is no longer available, our default payment method starting from today changed to PayOp which features fully integrated express Credit Card checkout system without any registration hustle and plethora of additional (270 to be exact) payment methods. We also decided to offer 10% discount throughout the month of May for customers using the new payment method – you don’t have to register or make any new accounts, simply use direct credit card payment or alternatively you can pay from your Skrill, Payoneer or any other e-wallets supported through PayOp.

Order in Three Easy Steps

Select PayOp In Basket

safe checkout 1

Select Credit Cart Checkout

step 2 new checkout

Express CC Payment

final checkout step

For those of you with any additional questions or requests for extra payment options just reach out on live chat, our live support agents are available 24/7. Stay home and be safe folks, play & game to save the world 😛

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  • JamesPond
    April 13, 2020 at 11:52 pm Reply
    Mom: James, u playin video games again all day ? - go away mooom, am saving the world...
  • Friday
    April 13, 2020 at 10:16 pm Reply
    well, thats a + thx for the discount code as well, thumbs up from me :D
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