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Best to use website live chat on bottom right corner of screen, we cover 24/7 live support. In case we are offline leave your message and include your email so we can get back to you. Alternatively you can use our facebook or twitter page, or send us a message at:

[email protected]

Regarding legal issues and our Privacy Policy please visit this page.


Short F.A.Q.


1. How can i trust you will deliver what i paid for ?

– Guys look, we know buying virtual goods and gaming services online for new buyers can be risky thing to do at first glance, but we worked in more than 10 games the past 5 years, and we intend to do this for a very long time. If however there is mistake with any of your orders not only you can contact us (we will always correct our mistake) you can also report us on the following forum where we made our first start:

epicnpc has strict policy on banning sellers that dont stick to their order terms.


2. What is your refund policy ?

Refunds on boosting/on account services are approved only if order has not been started/placed in queue. If order already has been placed in queue it means that others were delayed because of your spot, and if refund is agreed by both parties a processing fee of 30% of the order value must be commissioned. If order has already been started refund can be issued only in an event that the order is delayed  indefinitely (meaning we are unable to finish it) and no other teams can take it due to the nature of the service (such as misspriced order, etc.). Refund for smurf accounts ( non boosting/leveling service) are only approved when both parties (us and the customer) have come to a conclusion based on an evidence ( such as email screenshot, in game screenshot etc) that the statement of the customer is valid (wrong ranked account, false login info, etc.). In an event of recalled account, after submitting necessary evidence such as email from the game developer, in game screenshots, and any additional info we might ask in order to make a clear claim, a refund can be approved.


3. Where are you from ? 

– We are bunch of gamers that started working online from their homes about 4-5 years ago. Most of us are Europeans but we also work with players from US as well.


4. I can’t trust a random person with my account, what assurance do i have ?

– As mentioned in (1) if anything like that were to happen you can report is on the gaming forum and we will get banned. However, this will never happen, put yourself in our shoes. We would never risk losing our business over a single order, and per epicnpc terms any seller that does wrong to their customers can get banned.

Furthermore, and more importantly, the people we work with know each other for at least couple of years. We maintain our work and quality of service that is built on mutual trust. No way we would have made it this far by failing to deliver on what is promised. In a rare event that an order cannot be completed we offer partial or full refunds depending on the situation.


5. The account I ordered is not as advertised, why did this happened ?

-We are humans after all, and when listing  accounts sometimes we might make mistake copy pasting info, or perhaps something happened to the account in between listing and sale (we check em before listing). In such an event simply use one of the contact options (skype or website live chat) and we will correct it.


6. I ordered a boost, but changed my mind during the order, can i change things mid boost ?

– Yes, as long as it is in the limits of the game we have no problem adjusting or changing the final order. Keep in mind however, if the revised order requires additional time or is harder to achieve we might require additional payment, although this is not mandatory.


7. The account I bought a while ago was damaged/banned/not usable any longer. 

– If the reason why the account was deemed unusable after purchase is due to our fault we will issue a replacement account. Check each account section terms , do keep in mind however, if the damage is done due to player’s behavior in game, the warranty does not apply.

Such examples are:

  • Getting banned for abusive language (come on guys don’t be too salty :D).
  • Getting banned due to using cheats in csgo (we can always check the last 10 games played by the customer).
  • Progress rolled back due to player behavior (played with cheaters in team, or used cheats).


If still have any questions or worries regarding making your first order you can always talk to us before ordering !

Gl & Hf

– The D3Hell team ! 😀

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