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 Steam PUBG account auto delivered within 1 minute of purchase with activated Playerunknown’s Battleground game. Cheap smurf account, zero hours played, you can pick in game name.

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Order Details:

– One Steam Account with PUBG activated on it.

– Email info for login (username and password).

– Zero hours playtime, you can pick ingame name.

– No vac ban or any infractions on record.

– Auto, 1 minute delivery.

About the Accounts

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale video game developed and published by PUBG Corp., a subsidary of Korean publisher Bluehole. All our accounts in any game (csgo, Lol, Diablo 3 and PUBG) come with lifetime warranty in addition to post purchase support. If got any more questions or suggestions about our shop either use the contact/support section to add us on skype or use the website live chat on bottom right.

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Instant Delivery:

After adding to basket put email on the checkout page. We will use it to contact you and auto deliver the account. After payment is cleared you will receive steam account username & password, in addition with email username and pass. Login to the steam account and change email first (follow this guide if don’t know how), they will send code to your current email for verification. After changing email set new password the same way.


At we always try to keep prices lowest possible and still maintain the quality service that every customer expects. If however you think you found a place where they offer it cheaper we will try to match it. We are almost 24/7 online so feel free to contact us !

Lifetime Warranty:

Many people online are selling their accounts after playing on them for several weeks or months, never buy used accounts from previous owners as they can recall them at a later time. The accounts we sell do not belong to other people, and in addition are made with intention to be sold. They have no skins or any other personal values to us, in addition are with 0 hours play time and no risk of recall. Every account we sell on (CSGO, LoL, Diablo 3 and PUBG) come with Lifetime Warranty and post purchase support.



PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or commonly know as pubg is an semi open world multiplayer online battle royale game. Players battle it out against each other salvaging what resources they can on kill. Maps placed in different parts of the world such as Russia, South America and Europe feature different zones and themed battlefields where players can engage each other.

Why buy PUBG Account ?

Price is one of the main reason why to chose bying pubg account at We are the cheapest store you will find online, in addition we provide lifetime warranty and post purchase support. Smurfing is another reason why people want to buy accounts. Testing new gameplay, cheats, playing in party, as long as payment is processed properly accounts are auto delivered 😀

Get your Account in 3 easy steps


buy account add to cart

Add product to cart

Buy the account by adding to cart and using the secure checkout page. Our default payment method is paypal, although we accept alternative payments such as Western Union and btc so make sure to contact us if that is the case.

Talk to us using website live chat

Contact us for any help

Although accounts are auto delivered and email access is included if need any help we are here. Talk to us  after purchase using the website live chat on bottom right, in addition you can add us on skype from this page. Accounts come with lifetime warranty, contact us for any help needed !

Change account info to your own

Change account info

Final step is changing all info. First time account buyers – refer to this page ! The third section has complete step by step guide on how to do it. It is important to secure accounts after purchase and change all info.

Short F.A.Q.

Accounts are provided by our trusty suppliers that we work with for over 4 years. No previous owners, zero hours playtime, fresh accounts made with intention to be sold.

Yes, that is the real question. Simple answer – we just won’t. We didn’t made it this far by scamming and doing wrong to the people we work with. We sold over 5000 accounts and counting. CSGO, LoL, Diablo 3 and  PUBG are  some of the main games we worked with. If we took such actions our paypal will get closed due to the massive chargeback cases alone.

No, these are fresh accounts with 0 playing time, they never launched pubg before and have no items of value.

Yes, after first login in to PUBG you can setup your name.
Upon purchase you also get email access along with the steam login. Visit this page for complete guide on how to change account email and password.

No ! We do not buy accounts from random people. We can provide lifetime warranty only if we buy from people we know and trust.. No offense, but if we were buying accounts from anyone that comes on chat we could never issue lifetime warranty with every purchase.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole. On this page we offer pubg account, you can buy cheap pubg smurf account.

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