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Buy lol account, NA & EUW both regions are in stock ! Unlike other websites that resell accounts from other people, ours are made exclusively with intention to be sold. Accounts come with Lifetime Warranty against recalls, in addition to two weeks warranty against ban for third party software use.

Four Years Selling in League of Legends.

Open the capsules and keep the champions you play, disenchant the rest to get blue essence (influence points).  Scroll bellow for everything we have to offer. We first started our business in 2014 working with games such as League of Legends and other similar mobas. While other websites were betting their business on buying and reselling accounts from other people, we had a different plan in mind. Although many sellers will claim lifetime warranty against recall on their accounts, the reality is much different. Original owners that sold the accounts to other websites can always reclaim them if they file their case with riot, and most of the times win the case. This however cannot happen with us. Reason being – the accounts dont belong to anyone prior sale, and in addition have unverified emails. No previous owner, and made specifically to be sold ! Read more in details about this in our F.A.Q. bellow, and how to distinguish between these two types of accounts.

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Cheap LoL Smurf Accounts !

When it comes to price, we are unmatched compared to other AA websites ! Years of trading and selling has taught us that keeping the price low is one of the most important aspects of any online buying and selling businesses. Accounts are available for both NA and EUW regions, come with level 30 and good amount champion capsules ( replacing the old Influence Pioints system).

Although cheap in price, the accounts come with lifetime warranty against recall and 14 days warranty against ban.

Why Buy at ?

We plan to do this for a living for as long as we can! This whole gaming business started as a hobby to us, a couple of friends that decided to offer gaming services and have some fun while paying our studend fees. As time went by more and more people decided to use both our knowledge and gaming exeperience. Well, one thing led to another and as time went by our hobby became our profession, and gaming became a way of life 😀 We didn’t made it this far by not staying true to our word, or offering poor service to customers. At D3Hell you are dealing with people that will always strive to take gaming to the next level !

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Why Smurf with League of Legends Account ?

People buy LoL Account for a number of reasons. Perhaps you want to try a new hero, either focus on an entire new role, or simply for fun. Being stuck in High/Low elo is something nobody wants. Here we offer people a cheap alternative to try this game from a different point of view. Experiment with non-meta builds, take a break from your main, or simply have fun with friends in lower ranks !

Keep in mind tho, our accounts are not immune to riots rules. Flaming, ill behavior, in addition to foul language will impose the same restrictions from Riot as it would on any other accounts. Always remember to keep good sportsmanship and fair attitude towards your teammates no matter the situation.

League of Legends Gameplay

Every now and then people just want to relax and stomp public games like there is no tomorrow. And this is where we come in. Buy cheap league accounts and gang up on the noobs. All the accounts are unranked and level 30. Open the champion capsules and jump into calibration right off the bat !

If you are wondering what role to try next, Assasins are probably the best champsions to smurf with. Pantheon, Fizz, Katarina, Kha zix and more, open the capsules jump into the game !

Buy in three easy steps

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Add Product to Cart

Buy the account by adding to cart and using the secure checkout page. Our default payment method is paypal, you can use any currency paypal will auto convert.

Talk to us using website live chat

SSL Secured Delievery

Our customers safety is our top priorty, website uses latest SSL security in order to maximize protection and ensure safe trading environment on delivery. Furthermore, for additional questions visit our contact/support section !

Change account info to your own

Change Account Info

Final step is changing all info. Visit Riot website ( na or euw depending on your region) and change account info. If still need help contact us, accounts come with warranty and post purchase support

Stay safe after purchase !

Accounts survivability rate 94%
North America Accounts in Stock 62%
Europe West Accounts in Stock 38%

Here we offer tips on how to stay safe after bying league of legends accounts. The first thing you want to do is change the account email and password. To do so simply login on website and under account details change the email first, then password. All accounts come with unverified emails so you should have no problem changing info to your own. Also keep in mind that Riot does not like people trading accounts, so stay bellow the radar, open tickets only when you have to and be polite in game. If you accumulate massive amounts of reports and force a manual review by staff you mind find your self restricted from playing.

buy lol account

Details and short F.A.Q.

Simple, click the buy now button and adjust quantity if you want to buy more than one. After adding to basket proceed to the checkout page where you are asked for email first and last name. There is no need to register but we need email so we know where to send the account. Proceed to paypal and complete the payment. After purchase account is auto delivered within less than a minute to your checkout email.

All the accounts we sell in any game (LoL, CSGO, Diablo 3 and so on) are made with intention to be sold. They have no previous owners and come with lifetime warranty against recalls.

We offer lifetime warranty against account recall/reclamation and 2 weeks warranty against ban for botting. We do not cover ban for toxicity, account compromised or any other reasons that are as result due to seller’s actions.

After receiving the account, login and check the inventory. You will see no skins, champions or any other valuable assets that might belong to a real person besides the champion capsules. All the accounts are level 30, unranked ( 0 ranked games played) and own no champions.

Login and change the email first, visit League of Legends website and change email and password under the account section.

On purchase accounts have enough capsules so when you open them and sell the champs you will have the advertised or more BE. You can even keep some of the champs you like instead of selling them for blue essence.

Yes, although all the accounts come with descent login/summoner names ( nothing asdasd123 like ) you can always get new name in exchange for some BE or RP.

Accounts are leveled playing against real people and have descent winrate. Bans usually happen during leveling. Once level 30 there is a good chance they will never be banned.

From our 4 years experience in selling League of Legends Accounts we’ve learned that massive banwaves come every 4-6 months. If caught in one simply contact us, we will do all we can to help.

Usually after big banwaves we decide to introduce some weekly discount codes, or if we have a promotion going, watch out on the front page for any, we will make announcements on top of the page as well.

Paypal offers their services worldwide. Although our main curreny is in $, paypal will autmatically convert your balance to USD when buying.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. On this page you can buy lol account, get league of legends smurf cheap !

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