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Here you can Buy CSGO Account.

All smurf accounts come with lifetime warranty, scroll down for specific ranks shop !

Private rank 2 unranked, starting at 8.99$

This is where it all starts, account owns csgo, 0 ranked games played and ready to start calibration !

CSGO Smurf Accounts Unranked 5yold coin

Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master Smurf Account – 13.99$

-They are the storm troopers ! Shoot to miss, and aim for the sky is how we roll here !


Buy Csgo Smurf Account Silver Elite Master

Gold Nova Rank – 13.99$

The natural habitat of the species Cyka Blyat, a subspecies of the Troll family.

Hopes are high, and so is ping, mics are off and game is on !

CSGO Smurf Account Gold Nova

Master Guardian and DMG  – 13.99$

-“God Damn 64 tick man, F*** Valve !” – The AWPer who shot 4 feet to the left of his opponent

CSGO Smurf Account Master Guardian

Legendary Eagle  & Lem Smurf Account – 16.99$

“-Im smurfing and my main is global, you’re just crap” -Spinbotter

CSGO Smurf Account Legendary Eagle


CSGO High Tier Accounts – Starting at 34.99$

– It’s about to go down !

csgo prime



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On this page you can buy CSGO Account. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.