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Here you can Buy CSGO Account.

All smurf accounts come with lifetime warranty, scroll down for specific ranks shop !

Private rank 2 unranked, starting at 8.99$

This is where it all starts, account owns csgo, 0 ranked games played and ready to start calibration !

CSGO Smurf Accounts Unranked 5yold coin

Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master Smurf Account – 13.99$

-They are the storm troopers ! Shoot to miss, and aim for the sky is how we roll here !


Buy Csgo Smurf Account Silver Elite Master

Gold Nova Rank – 13.99$

The natural habitat of the species Cyka Blyat, a subspecies of the Troll family.

Hopes are high, and so is ping, mics are off and game is on !

CSGO Smurf Account Gold Nova

Master Guardian and DMG  – 13.99$

-“God Damn 64 tick man, F*** Valve !” – The AWPer who shot 4 feet to the left of his opponent

CSGO Smurf Account Master Guardian

Legendary Eagle  & Lem Smurf Account – 16.99$

“-Im smurfing and my main is global, you’re just crap” -Spinbotter

CSGO Smurf Account Legendary Eagle


CSGO High Tier Accounts – Starting at 34.99$

– It’s about to go down !

csgo prime



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Short F.A.Q.

Where are these accounts leveld from ?

-Most of the accounts are leveld from 3rd world countries due to lower standards there helping us maintain cheap stock. But all the accounts can be played globally and have no country restrictions whatsoever.


How long does it take to deliver ?

-Orders placed on our website are delivered within less than a minute. All of the accounts posted are already in stock and available for sale.


What happens if username or password is wrong ?

-In an extremely rare event that we misstype the username or password we will always correct our error and either send you the corrected login, or simply send replacement. If you have any questions or problems with order always msg us here first, we will gladly correct our mistake 😀


What if something happens to the account weeks or month after purchase ?

– In an event that it is our fault we will always send you replacement, however if the account gets banned 1 month after purchase for cheating that is 99% customers responsibility and we simply cannot take responsibility if someone is using cheats on their purchased accounts.


Did you used cheats or any hacks to make these accounts ?

-Really m8, we used cheats to make silvers and gold novas ? 😀

We just blind fold our boosters and make em shoot for the sky, thats how u make silvers 😀


On this page you can buy CSGO Account. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.