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Woven Nimbus (PS4)

Woven Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Widowmaker (PS4)


Buy Widowmaker

Volatile Raining Nimbus (PS4)

Volatile Raining Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Vicious Lyuda (PS4)

Vicious Lyuda

Buy Lyuda

Venomaus Nemesis (PS4)

Venomaus Nemesis

Buy Nemesis

Unending Magnificent 3 (PS4)

Unending Magnificent 3

Buy Magnificent

Tunguska (PS4)


Buy Tunguska

Treacherous Disastrous Executor (PS4)

Treacherous Disastrous Executor

Buy Executor

The Transformer (PS4)

The Transformer

Buy Transformer

The Companion (PS4)

The Companion

Buy Companion

Tallying Ranger Cosmic Stalker (PS4)

Tallying Ranger Cosmic Stalker

Buy Cosmic Stalker

Supercharged Polybius (PS4)

Supercharged Polybius

Buy Polybius

Sticky Quasar (PS4)

Sticky Quasar

Buy Quasar

Stark ASMD (PS4)

Stark ASMD


Smart-Gun XXl (PS4)

Smart-Gun XXL

Buy Smart Gun

Smart-Gun XXl (2) (PS4)

Smart-Gun XXl (2)

Buy Smart Gun

Searing Tamed Malak’s Bane (PS4)

Searing Tamed Malak's Bane

Buy Malaks Bane

Searing Nemesis (PS4)

Searing Nemesis

Buy Nemesis

Rowan’s Call (2) (PS4)

Rowan's Call (2)

Buy Rowans Call

Resonant Back Ham (PS4)

Resonant Back Ham

Buy Back Ham

Red Queen (PS4)

Red Queen

Buy Red Queen

Radiation Stone Loaded Dice (PS4)

Radiation Stone Loaded Dice

Buy Loaded Dice

Radiodead Commander Planetoid (PS4)

Radiodead Commander Planetoid

Buy Planetoid

Quickdraw Monocle (2) (PS4)

Quickdraw Monocle (2)

Buy Monocle

Protean Stop-Gap (PS4)

Protean Stop-Gap

Buy Stop Gap

Primeval Spectral Phasezerker (PS4)

Primeval Spectral Phasezerker

Buy Phasezerker

Packin’Devastator 2 (PS4)

Packin'Devastator 2

Buy Devastator

Oozing Patent Roisen’s Thorns (PS4)

Oozing Patent Roisen's Thorns

Buy Thorns

Mind-Killer (PS4)


Buy Mind Killer

Mind-Killer (4) (PS4)

Mind-Killer (4)

Buy Mind Killer

Mind Melt Victory Rush (PS4)

Mind Melt Victory Rush

Buy Victory Rush

Lucian’s Call (PS4)

Lucian's Call

Buy Lucian Call

Loot Expanding Static Charge (PS4)

Loot Expanding Static Charge

Buy Static Charge

Last Stand Rocket Boots (PS4)

Last Stand Rocket Boots

Buy Rocket Boots

King’s Call 2 (PS4)

King's Call 2

Buy King Call

Infinity (PS4)


Buy Infinity

Ice Breaker Cosmic Crater (PS4)

Ice Breaker Cosmic Crater

Buy Cosmic Crater

Holistic Bitch (PS4)

Holistic Bitch

Buy Bitch

High Capacity Malaks Bane (2) (PS4)

High Capacity Malaks Bane (2)

Buy Malaks Bane

Health Re-Router (PS4)

Health Re-Router

Buy Re-Router

Handsome Jackhammer (PS4)

Handsome Jackhammer

Buy Jackhammer

Gutsy Stop-Gap (PS4)

Gutsy Stop-Gap

Buy Stop-Gap

Gatlin’ Lead Sprinkler (PS4)

Gatlin' Lead Sprinkler

Buy Sprinkler

Flurrying Solitary Breaker (PS4)

Flurrying Solitary Breaker

Buy Breaker

Firestorm (PS4)


Buy Firestorm

Fire Stone Deathless (PS4)

Fire Stone Deathless

Buy Deathless

Extended Nemesis (PS4)

Extended Nemesis

Buy Nemesis

Essential Conference Call (PS4)

Essential Conference Call

Buy Conference Call

Engulfing Krovvy Ogre (PS4)

Engulfing Krovvy Ogre

Buy Ogre

Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun (PS4)

Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun

Buy Boring Gun

Disciplined Vanquisher 4 (PS4)

Disciplined Vanquisher 4

Buy Vanquisher

Deluxe Baby Maker ++ (PS4)

Deluxe Baby Maker ++

Buy Baby Maker

Deep Dive Face-puncher (PS4)

Deep Dive Face-puncher

Buy Face Puncher

Cowboy Red Card (PS4)

Cowboy Red Card

Buy Red Card

Cloning Hex (PS4)

Cloning Hex

Buy Hex

Cash-Infused Hyperfocus XZ41 (PS4)

Cash-Infused Hyperfocus XZ41

Buy XZ41

Burning Potebt Alchemist (PS4)

Burning Potebt Alchemist

Buy Alchemist

Blood-Sucking Charitable Blast Master (PS4)

Blood-Sucking Charitable Blast Master

Buy Blast Master

Blended Carpet Bombing Elementallist (2) (PS4)

Blended Carpet Bombing Elementallist (2)

Buy Elementalist

Bitch (PS4)


Buy Bitch

Auditing Crossroad (PS4)

Auditing Crossroad

Buy Crossroad

Ammo Cache Rectifier (PS4)

Ammo Cache Rectifier

Buy Rectifier

Adundant ASMD (PS4)

Adundant ASMD


Woven Raining Nimbus (PS4)

Woven Raining Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Woodblocker (2) (PS4)

Woodblocker (2)

Buy Woodblocker

Wallrunner Stop-Gap (PS4)

Wallrunner Stop-Gap

Buy Stop-Gap

Volatile Maelstrom Nimbus (2) (PS4)

Volatile Maelstrom Nimbus (2)

Buy Nimbus

Venomous Barrage (PS4)

Venomous Barrage

Buy Barrage

Unending Magnificent (PS4)

Unending Magnificent

Buy Magnificent

Undermining Hyperfocus XZ41 (PS4)

Undermining Hyperfocus XZ41

Buy HyperFocus XZ41

Trick The Tidal Wave (PS4)

Trick The Tidal Wave

Buy Tidal Wave

Trained Vanquisher (PS4)

Trained Vanquisher

Buy Vanquisher

The Lab (2) (PS4)

The Lab (2)

Buy The Lob

Teething Prized Red Fang (PS4)

Teething Prized Red Fang

Buy Red Fang

Supercharges Ginormous Bangarang XL (PS4)

Supercharges Ginormous Bangarang XL

Buy Bangarang

Stimulating Cocky Bearcat (PS4)

Stimulating Cocky Bearcat

Buy Bearcat

Stark Krakatoa 2 (PS4)

Stark Krakatoa 2

Buy Krakatoa

Speedloadn’ Hellwalker (PS4)

Speedloadn' Hellwalker

Buy Hellwalker

Smart-Gun XXl (3) (PS4)

Smart-Gun XXl (3)

Buy Smart Gun

Sentinel Re-Charger (PS4)

Sentinel Re-Charger

Buy Re-CHarger

Searing Relentless Kaos (PS4)

Searing Relentless Kaos

Buy Relentless Kaos

Rowan’s Call (4) (PS4)

Rowan's Call (4)

Buy Rowans Call

Roaring Bear Trooper (PS4)

Roaring Bear Trooper

Buy Bear Trooper

Redudant The Butcher (PS4)

Redudant The Butcher

Buy Butcher

Reactive Raining Nimbus (PS4)

Reactive Raining Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Rape-a-Dope Introverted Breaker (PS4)

Rape-a-Dope Introverted Breaker

Buy Breaker

Quickdraw Monocle (PS4)

Quickdraw Monocle

Buy Monocle

Punishing Vestigial Dragon (PS4)

Punishing Vestigial Dragon

Buy Dragon

Projectile Recursion (2) (PS4)

Projectile Recursion (2)

Buy Recursion

Peerless Hellshock (PS4)

Peerless Hellshock

Buy Hellshock

Overcast Calorie Burning Rocketeer (PS4)

Overcast Calorie Burning Rocketeer

Buy Rocketeer

Molten Vicious Lyuda (PS4)

Molten Vicious Lyuda

Buy Lyuda

Mind-Killer (5) (PS4)

Mind-Killer (5)

Buy Mind Killer

Mind-Killer (2) (PS4)

Mind-Killer (2)

Buy Mind Killer

Malten Vicious Lyuda (PS4)

Malten Vicious Lyuda

Buy Lyuda

Loot Expanding White Elephant (PS4)

Loot Expanding White Elephant

Buy Elephant

Last-Ditch Enhanced Bloodletter (PS4)

Last-Ditch Enhanced Bloodletter

Buy Bloodletter

King’s Call (PS4)

King's Call

Buy King Call

Influential The Butcher (PS4)

Influential The Butcher

Buy Butcher

Ice Breaker Deathless (PS4)

Ice Breaker Deathless

Buy Deathless

Hostile Conference Call (PS4)

Hostile Conference Call

Buy Conference Call

High Capacity Malaks Bane (3) (PS4)

High Capacity Malaks Bane (3)

Buy Malaks Bane

Hellshock (PS4)


Buy Hellshock

Haunting Shockwave Infiltrator (PS4)

Haunting Shockwave Infiltrator

Buy Infiltrator

Handsome Jackhammer 2 (PS4)

Handsome Jackhammer 2

Buy Jackhammer

Generator Tran-fusion Longbow (PS4)

Generator Tran-fusion Longbow

Buy Longbow

Fortified Enhanced Bloodletter (PS4)

Fortified Enhanced Bloodletter

Buy Bloodletter

Flesh Melter Safeguard (PS4)

Flesh Melter Safegaurd

Buy Safeguard

Fire Stone Safeguard (PS4)

Fire Stone Safeguard

Buy Safeguard

Feral Prideful Commander (PS4)

Feral Prideful Commander

Buy Commander

Expert ASMD (PS4)

Expert ASMD


Engulfing Vicious Ogre (PS4)

Engulfing Vicious Ogre

Buy Ogre

Dueling Monocle (PS4)

Dueling Monocle

Buy Monocle

Disciplined Vanquisher (PS4)

Disciplined Vanquisher

Buy Vanquisher

Disciplined Vanquisher 2 (PS4)

Disciplined Vanquisher 2

Buy Vanquisher

Defrauding The Butcher (PS4)

Defrauding The Butcher

Buy Butcher

Dastardly Maggie 2 (PS4)

Dastardly Maggie 2

Buy Maggie 2

Compressing Kill-o’-the-Wisp (2) (PS4)

Compressing Kill-o'-the-Wisp (2)

Buy Wisp

Cauterizing Victory Rush (PS4)

Cauterizing Victory Rush

Buy Victory Rush

Cash-Infused Brainstormer (PS4)

Cash-Infused Brainstormer

Buy Brainstormer

Burning Gratifying Balogna Poney (PS4)

Burning Gratifying Balogna Poney

Buy Belonga Poney

Blended Carpet Bombing Elementallist (PS4)

Blended Carpet Bombing Elementallist

Buy Elementalist

Black Hole (PS4)

Black Hole

Buy Black Hole

Binary Mocking Cutsman (2) (PS4)

Binary Mocking Cutsman (2)

Buy Cutsman

Annexed Jericho (PS4)

Annexed Jericho

Buy Jericho

Adundant Stark Krakatoa (PS4)

Adundant Stark Krakatoa

Buy Krakatoa

Woodblocker (PS4)


Buy Woodblocker

Waven Nimbus (PS4)

Waven Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Volatile Maelstrom Nimbus (PS4)

Volatile Maelstrom Nimbus

Buy Nimbus

Venomous Ripper (PS4)

Venomous Ripper

Buy Ripper

Venomaus Hornet (PS4)

Venomaus Hornet

Buy Hornet

Unending Magnificent 2 (PS4)

Unending Magnificent 2

Buy Magnificent

Trick Unforgiven (PS4)

Trick Unforgiven

Buy Unforgiven

Treacherous Disastrous Executor (2) (PS4)

Treacherous Disastrous Executor (2)

Buy Executor

The Lab (PS4)

The Lab

Buy The Lob

Terminal Thunderball Fists (PS4)

Terminal Thunderball Fists

Buy Thunderball Fists

Synergized Bitch (PS4)

Synergized Bitch

Buy Bitch

Storm Front (PS4)

Storm Front

Buy Storm Front

Stark Krakatoa (PS4)

Stark Krakatoa

Buy Krakatoa

Spooling Projectile Recursion (PS4)

Spooling Projectile Recursion

Buy Recursion

Smart-Gun XXL 2 (PS4)

Smart-Gun XXL 2

Buy Smart Gun

Shocking AAA (PS4)

Shocking AAA

Buy Shocking AAA

Searing Tamed Malak’s Bane (2) (PS4)

Searing Tamed Malak's Bane (2)

Buy Malaks Bane

Rowan’s Call (PS4)

Rowan's Call

Buy Rowans Call