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The following Bless Online Power Leveling Guide is aimed towards new and semi experienced players, learn how to level efficiently &  fast! Everything you need to know about speed farming, gear upgrades, finishing the campaign fast, mounts and more ! Read below for details, or order your leveling boost here !

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Managing your currency

Lumina – The Bless Online cash currency that you will use in the later stages of the campaign and when trading with other people. The best way to stack on Lumina is simply completing the main campaign quest line, after which you will focus on dailies. The first thing you want to mainly invest your lumina is the permanent three row bag expansions. Getting 24 more bag space is definitely worth the investment. You will not have to worry about which items to keep during leveling or boss fights, and will save you precious time spent on trips to the warehouse storage.

spend lumina on bags

On the later stages however you want to focus on spending lumina for upgrades from the auction house. Players that are doing lower level dungeon runs will sell the gear for cheap price on the auction house while grinding dungeon points for crafting. Keep in mind that the best gear obtainable in the game is from dungeons, story mode drops will always be with inferior quality. If you need help clearing dungeons gearwise, it is always a good idea to visit the AH 😀

Crafting your gear will require materials that you will get during leveling and playing the game. Lumina will also come in handy when bying those very few materials needed to complete the craft.

bless online crafting

How to Level Fast in Bless Online ?

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Around Level 28 the story mode will take you to areas where you will start encountering the opposing faction. This is where you will have your first PvP encounter. Killing players from the opposing faction will grant you honor points and experience. This is one of the main reasons why people will almost always look to engage enemy players. As you gain more experience in the game you want to start branching your build into PvE and PvP specialized roles. Don’t just ditch the items that don’t work in Dungeons or story mode gameplay, most of the stuff that are good in PvP are not as good in PvE scenarios. Make sure to keep the best for both types of play, hoarding is rewarding in this game 😀

Strength in Numbers !

bless online is a templay game

This is not a single player game, it is definitely something you want to enjoy with your friends. One of the main reasons is the above. Players that will attack you will usually not be alone, and rest assured you will not have a lot of fun in 1 v 3 engagements 😀 Another reason you want to team up is so that you can practice with your friends. Learn what skills work best, and what gear to use in those scenarios. Your teammate doesn’t have to be the best experienced player, you can both learn at the same time. Make sure to dedicate enough time and try multiple builds before feeling comfortable engaging the enemy faction.

Side Quests – Yes and No 

As with all mmos, doing side quests will require extra time to finish the story mode, however it is not a bad idea if you get stuck on a certain boss or area. Re-visit some of the previous areas and look for additional tasks to finish. You just might get the things you need to get through that next stage. Rewards such as taming scrolls and extra crafting materials are always welcomed in your storage. If you do not meet the recommended levels for a certain area it doesn’t mean you cant beat it. Yes it will be more difficult and might require a few attempts but if you are looking for a challenge, knock yourself out!

Buy Skill Books !

buy skill books

You get skill books from trainer shops, they are extremely important if you plan to diversify your skill build and will help finishing the campaign faster ! Although the main questline gives several skills unlocks at certain levels, the main skill diversity comes from buying skill books. Sadly  most people don’t realize you can buy them in the first place. It is really painful to level without them, if running low on Lumina just revisit some old areas and do side quests, they are definitely worth it !

Pets – your experience buff !


Around level 15 you should start taming your first pets. After stumbling on a pet with exp bonus, start leveling it. You will gain bonus to your experience gain which will help you level much faster.

Although 4-5% bonus might not seem like much on start, it will add up a lot in the later stages and give you that exp edge you might need to finish some areas faster. Focus on leveling the pet, higher levels will give higher % experience bonus.

bless online pets experience buff

Don’t Skip Elite Monsters !

bless online kill elite monsters

You will run into them in the open world. Don’t run away, engage and kill as many as you can ! Some of them are not easy to kill, you don’t have to take them alone. Group up with teammates, or review and upgrade your gear if you cant down them after several attempts.

The time is definitely worth it, in addition to crafting materials you will get part of your upgrades exclusively from elite monsters. It is best advised to make a party of few players before going on a hunt. It will go much faster, it is fun to play with friends and you will level up much faster !

Although not all of the gear you get will be upgrades, the parts that aren’t simply list them on the auction house and sell them for Lumina. Long story short, elite monsters hunt  is the most fun you will have in single player mode, they don’t require full party like dungeon raids and can be handle solo.

elite monsters items upgrade

Join a Guild !

As stated before, this is a team players game. Although not mandatory (you can finish the story quest in single player) the benefits of teamplay simply cannot be ignored. Guild buff, PvP and territory rewards are some of the few benefits you will get directly from joining any guild or starting one with your friends.

Aside the experience buff, you will also get various other bonuses such as mount speed increase, attack rates and so on. All of these bonuses scale as your guild levels up ! The early bonuses although small, will stack up in the late game and offer you that extra edge over your pvp or pve opponents.

In the later stages of the game, one skill can be the difference between getting that end game gear because guilds that hold territories can buy legendary gear to distribute among the other guild members.

bless online guild benefits

Dungeons – Bless Online End Game

bless online dungeons

Always keep an eye on Dungeons. Although not mandatory for the questline they will appear on your map with a small “gate” symbol. This is where most of the end game gear will drop. Another reason why we urge players to play in party from the earliest levels possible is because dungeons will always require a party to beat them. Make sure to communicate well prior entering a dungeon and assign roles so everyone knows what part to play in teamfights. As you progress with levels, so does the dungeons difficulty increases exponentially. Not all of the dungeons will be cleared on first try, in fact your team will probably fail multiple times. Don’t discourage and try again, it will take a few runs to learn the mechanics and how to beat the end bosses. The loot is definitely worth it !


bless online mounts

Although not a gear/combat oriented property, you will have a choice across vast range of mounts in the game. As you progress in the game regular mounts will be used first in addition to  flying mounts in the later parts of the game. As of this writing April 2 flying mounts can only be obtain from World Bosses. Excellent for traversing large areas, flying mounts are the way to go for the end game choice !

That’s it for this Bless Online Power Leveling guide, remember, play with friends you can communicate with! Team play is the most important aspect of this game, you wont be able to acquire end game gear and raid dungeons alone ! To order your boost visit this page and check all we have to offer in this game !

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